A perfect puppy is healthy, and his or her personality fit within your lifestyle and is compatible with your personality. There will be shy and bold puppies, active and lazy puppies, and those that are smarter or faster. There are those that are more independent and those that are clingy. At around 7 weeks old, the puppies may still all look alike, but their personalities have begun to emerge. This is a good time to look at the litter to determine which behaviors might be more desirable to your situations. We use the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test (PAT) Testing System. It is done when puppies are 7 weeks old. This is a system of tests, each scored separately with the purpose to find the right puppy for the right home. It is based on a variety of criteria and tests certain canine drives such as the prey drive, pack drive, defense fight or flight drives. The PAT is observing and puppy temperament testing ten different areas of behavior.

  1. Social Attraction

  2. Following

  3. Restraint

  4. Social Dominance

  5. Elevation Dominance

  6. Retrieving

  7. Touch Sensitivity

  8. Sound Sensitivity

  9. Sight Sensitivity

  10. Stability


According to the Volhard, six dog personalities emerge from the responses to these little scenarios using the above criteria for puppy temperament testing.

  1. Pack Leader

  2. Self-Confident

  3. Quick Learner

  4. Perfect Puppy

  5. Potentially Shy

  6. Independent


Male or Female?


Male Poodles are more suitable for any kind of home or family. They are more affectionate, playful, and easier to train when it comes to housebreaking. They look up to their owners and always eager to please everybody. More importantly, if you are not the only person in you home, then the male Poodle is going to show an equal amount of love to everybody.


Females have a difference in their personalities and traits, but they still share most of the typical Poodle personality. It is always good to choose a dog based on its character and habits rather than choosing just because of gender. Female Poodles are more of a one-person dog and do not create a bond with the whole family. They tend to attach only to one person in the family, but with much greater love. Females are also smarter and intelligent than a male. This smartness makes them more independent and protective.


If you are a first-time adopter, we will be happy to guide you through the entire process.



Puppy Updates


We try to accommodate families and visitors, but sometimes it’s difficult to take pictures on a regular basis. We provide weekly photos and/or videos each weekend. We post them on our social media pages.